Electronic Book System is ad on-line book search assistance function which makes data search possible anywhere and anytime. This system provides user with data_based data of table of contents, abstract, and full-text directly on the web.

    Electronic Journal

    This system provides journal search service though e-journal in KAU library homepage.

    -Major journal DB items : Camebridge University Press, EBSCO, IEEEXplore, Science Direct,
                                            Wiley InterScience, Emerald

    Web Database

    This service provides various databased information and data to help users find their book information.

    -Domestic Web Database : Korea Folk Art Encyclopedia, Britanica Encyclopedia(English),  
                                               TOEIC & TOEFL Test(CBT).

    -Foreign Web Database : AIAA, Academic Search EliteBusiness Search Premier, Jane's Online. CSA CiNii


    This service provides an easy electronic access to the individual books by downloading them directly from KAU Library homepage.

    -Major e-Book services : 1,615 items of English, Japanese, Chinese languages and  Novels. Booktopia, ELS


    InterLibrary Loan & Document Delivery Requests

    This service provides copying service of the original texts in KAU library and domestic or foreign libraries such as single books, thesis & dissertation, and academic journals by using Web DB (KERIS, KORSA) or foreign cross checking methods (OCLC ILL).

    Using Other Libraries

    -KAU faculties and students can visit or use other universities by bring referrals  from our library.

    Update : 20070215