Hello, I am very glad to greet KAU family members and visitors I am proud of KAU and its library because I believe that they have traveled long way together since 1952 when KAU was first established.  Today is the age of rapid change.
The speed of change has become faster than our imagination could ever be able to reach before.  Right in the center of the rapid change there are high demands for updated knowledge and information from the members of the university.
KAU library has made the utmost attempt to meet the various demands so far as the human intelligence and information are naturally adapted to the speedy renovation.
Most of our intelligence activities are now being connected together in a broad and well-organized digital network. No matter how fast the environment changes, the library will not only perform its traditional academic assistance role but also actively adapt itself to the speedy paradigm shift. I dare to promise that KAU library will provide all the available resources in the aerospace field for various members of this community and make a great deal of efforts in making valuable resources electronically available for the future academic research in aerospace. I believe that KAU library will become one of the most competitive library in Korea soon. Finally, I sincerely thank all of you who have expressed so much concerns to the library so far.

 Dean of KAU Library