KAU 연구논문

No. 논문제목 Author(s) Source
1 A Study on the Weight Reduction   Model of DACS System Valve with Pintle Jun bok Ko,  Young Soo Park, Seong Su Kim, So Dam Yi, Ki   Bong Baek, Dong Sung Ha, Jae Su Kawk, Suhk hoon Suh Journal of the Korean Society for   Precision Engineering, August 2019, 36(8) : 729-736.
2 Design and Testing of   a Compact Tattooing Mechanism for Capsule Endoscope Seonggun   Joe,  Dongkyu Lee, Byungjeon Kang, Jong-Oh   Park, Byungkyu Kim  Journal of the Korean   Society for Precision Engineering, May 2019, 36(5) : 449-454
3 Characteristics of   Piezoelectric Polymeric PVDF Sensor by Impact Testing Sojeong Kim, Ji-Yeon   Shin, Yonghyeon Yun, Deuk Yong Lee, Dong-Ho Yang, Bae-Yeon Kim, and Yo-Seung Song Polymer(Korea),   Septemper 2019, 43(5) :  764-770
4 작동유체 및 중력 환경이 심우주 환경용   스크린 매쉬 윅 원형 히트파이프의 최대 열전달 성능에 미치는 영향 Soo Bin Kim,  Tae Jong Choi , Sung Hyoun Kim , Seok Pil   Jang  Korean Soc. Mech.   Eng. B, 2019, 43(7) : 497-504, 
5 유체진동기의 내부형상 변화가 초음속   진동제트 특성에 미치는 영향  SangYun Lee, SangHoon   Park,  MoonJung Kang, Yeol Lee Trans. Korean Soc.   Mech. Eng. B, 2019, 43(2) : 99~107, 
6 선회주행 성능 개선을 위한 양바퀴   역진자 로봇 설계 Yongkuk Kim, Suhan   Lee, Gyeonggeun Lee, and Sang Joo Kwon Journal of Institute   of Control, Robotics and Systems, 2019,    25(4) : 312-318 
7 비균일 열유속 다중 열원을 가지는   박판형 Vapor Chamber의 최대 열전달량에 대한 이론적 연구 Sung   Hyoun Kim, Subedi Bimal and Seok Pil Jang Trans. Korean Soc.   Mech. Eng. B, 2019, 43(8) : 555~563
8 발사체의 고도보정용 3D프린팅   확장-굴절 노즐에 관한 실험적 연구 Ki   Hwan Lee, Sang Hyeon Park, Jaye Koo and Hwanil Huh Trans. Korean Soc.   Mech. Eng. B, 2019, 43(12) : 859~869
9 메시의 부피변화를 이용한 해머링 방식의   대장내시경 로봇 개발 Taeyoung An, Young   Churl Kim, In Ki Hong, Dongkyu Lee, and Byungkyu Kim Journal of Institute   of Control, Robotics and Systems, 2019, 25(2) : 149-155
10 Zn/Zn-Mg 이중 층 박막의 밀착력   향상을 위한Zn interlayer 미세구조 제어에 관한 연구 Seung-Hwan Lee,   Hoe-Kun Kim, Myeon-Kyu Song, Jung-Wan Kim, Sang-Yul Lee, Korean Journal of   Metals and Materials 2019, 57(11) : 695-700.
11 Weldability and   Lamellar Tearing Susceptibility of High-Strength SN 490C Steel Plates Donghyun Van, Seung Hwan Lee , Kihyuk Kim and   Hoseop Sim Metals 2019, 9(5) :   551
12 Weighted DCT-IF for   Image up Scaling Jae-Yung Lee,   Sung-Jun Yoon, Jae-Gon Kim,   Jong-Ki Han KSII Transactions on   Internet and Information Systems, February 27, 2019, 13(2) 
13 VLSI Implementation   of Restricted Coulomb Energy Neural Network with Improved Learning Scheme Jaechan Cho, Yongchul   Jung, Seongjoo Lee and Yunho Jung Electronics 2019,   8(5) : 563
14 Vision-Based Tracking   of a Ground-Moving Target with UAV Sanghyuk   Park, Dongwon Jung  International Journal   of Aeronautical and Space Sciences, Jan. 2019, 20 : 467–482
15 Variable Chromosome   Genetic Algorithm for Structure Learning in Neural Networks to Imitate Human   Brain Kang-moon Park,   Donghoon Shin and Sung-do Chi Appl.   Sci. 2019, 9(15) : 3176
16 Understanding the   Repurchase Intention of Premium Economy Passengers Using an Extended Theory   of Planned Behavior Jun Hwan Kim, Hyun Cheol Lee  Sustainability 2019,   11(11) : 3213
17 Unbilled Receivables,   Loss Allowances and Earnings Management Kyung-Heon Kwon,   Namryoung Lee Academy of Accounting   and Financial Studies Journal, 2019, 23(2)
18 Ultrathin   ZrOx-Organic Hybrid Dielectric (EOT 3.2 nm) via Initiated Chemical Vapor   Deposition for High-Performance Flexible Electronics Min Ju Kim, Kwanyong   Pak, Junhwan Choi, Tae In Lee, Wan Sik Hwang ACS Appl. Mater.   Interfaces Nov. 2019, 11(47) :  44513–44520
19 Ultrathin Flexible   Thin Film Transistors with CYTOP Encapsulation by Debonding Process Jae Moon Kim, Jongsu   Oh, Kyung-Mo Jung, KeeChan Park, Jae-Hong Jeon Semiconductor Science   and Technology, June 2019, 34(7)
20 Ultrathin EOT (0.67   nm) High-k Dielectric on Ge MOSFET Using Y Doped ZrO2 With Record-Low Leakage   Current Tae In Lee, Hyun Jun   Ahn, Min Ju Kim, Eui Joong Shin, Seung Hwan Lee, Sung Won Shin, Wan Sik Hwang  IEEE Electron Device Letters,  April   2019,  40(4)
21 The influence of   second screen multitasking on sponsorship effects
22 The Impact on Life   Satisfaction of NursingStudents Using the Fuzzy Regression Mode Hee Sang Yoon and Seung Hoe Choi International Journal   of Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Systems 2019 ; 19(2) : 59-66
23 The Effect of Airport   Self-Service Characteristics on Passengers’ Technology Acceptance and   Behavioral Intention Jong-Hyeon KIM   ,  Jin-Woo Park  Journal of distribution science, 2019 , 17(5) : 29 - 37
24 The Effect of Airport   Self-Service Characteristics on Passengers’ Perceived Value, Satisfaction,   and Behavioral Intention: Based on the SOR Model Jong-Hyeon Kim, Jin-Woo Park Sustainability 2019,   11(19) : 5352
25 The Charge Density   Distribution with a Non-Local Potential on 16O, 40Ca,   and 208Pb Nuclei W. Y. So,  T. H. Kim, Myung-Ki Cheoun, K. S. KimKi-Seok Choi  J. Korean Phys. Soc. , 2019, 74 : 998–1003
26 The characteristics   of transparent non-volatile memory devices employing Si-rich SiOx as a charge   trapping layer and indium-tin-zinc-oxide Joong-Hyun Park, Myung-Hun Shin, Jun-Sin Yi   Nanomaterials 2019,   9(5) : 784
27 The Association   between Unbilled Receivables and the Type of Earnings Management Kyung-Heon Kwon,   Namryoung Lee Academy of Accounting   and Financial Studies Journal, 2019, 23(1)
28 Testing the   tetraquark mixing framework from QCD sum rules for a0(980) Hee-Jung Lee, K. S. Kim, and Hungchong Kim Phys. Rev. D 2019 ,   100 : 034021 
29 Synthesis of TiC   reinforced Ti matrix composites by spark plasma sinteringand electric   discharge sintering: A comparative assessment of microstructuraland   mechanical properties W .H. Lee,  J. G. Seong,  Y. H. Yoon, C. H. Jeong,  C.J. Van Tyne, H.G. Lee, S.Y.Chang  Ceramics International, May 2019, 45(7) Pt   .A : 8108-8114
30 https://doi.org/10.3390/su11020502  Hyun   Cheol Lee, Chunghun Ha  Sustainability 2019,   11(2) : 502
31 Surface modification   of chalcogenide glass for diamond-like-carbon coating Jun Ho Lee, Hyun Kim,   Woo Hyung Lee, Min Chul Kwon, Yong Gyu Choi Applied Surface   Science, 2019,  478 : 802-805
32 Supernova Neutrino   Process of Li and B Revisited Motohiko Kusakabe,   Myung-Ki Cheoun, K. S. Kim,  Masa-aki Hashimoto, Masaomi Ono,  The Astrophysical   Journal 2019,  872(2) : 164
33 Study on the damping   capacity of a fluidic baffle under different injection conditions Wooseok Song,   Jongkwon Lee, Jaye Koo Acta   Astronautica  2019, 63 Pt. A  : 189-195
34 Study of the   monte?carlo fault injectionsimulator to measure a fault derating Dong-Woo Lee,  Jong-Whoa Na IET   Computers & Digital Techniques 2019, 13(3) : 218
35 Structural design and   analyses of a fabric-coveredwind turbine blade Dong-Kuk   Choi, Chan-Ho Kwak, Soo-Yong Lee, Jae-Sung Bae, Hak-Gu   Lee Advanced Composite   Materials 2019, 28(6) : 1-17
36 Statistical behavior   of shear layers of reactive oxygen/kerosene spray Songyi Choi, Junsun   Ahn, Jaye Koo Acta Astronautica,   October 2019, 163.Pt A : 157167
37 Spark plasma   sintering of Mn-Zn ferrite powders by high energy ball milling Jun Young Suh, , Yo-Seung Song, Si Young Chang Archives of   Metallurgy and Materials, 2019, 64(2) : 565-569
38 Space-Time Line Codes   With Power Allocation for Regenerative Two-Way Relay Systems Jingon Joung, Jihoon Choi IEEE Transactions on   Vehicular Technology  2019, 68(5) 
39 Space-time line coded   regenerativetwo-way relay systems with power control J. Joung, B.C. Jung, J. Choi Electronics Letters   2019, 55(12) : 694-696 
40 Solving the Tax   Evasion Problem by Co-opting the Public: The Korean Cash Receipt System Namryoung   Lee, Charles Swenson  Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and   Economics, March 2017, 26(4) : 362-381
41 Solution-processed   organic-inorganic hybrid gate insulator for complementary thin film   transistor logic circuits Hyeong Jun Cho,   Dong-Hoon Lee, Eung-Kyu Park, Min Su Kim, So Young Lee, KeeChan Park, Heehwan Choe, Jae-Hong Jeon Thin   Solid Films, 2019 673 : 14-18
42 Simulation Study for   Semiconductor Manufacturing System: Dispatching Policies for a Wafer Test   Facility Hyun Joong Yoon, Junjae Chae Sustainability 2019, 11(4) : 1119
43 Sampling-Based Tour   Generation of Arbitrarily Oriented Dubins Sensor Platforms Doo-Hyun Cho,  Dae-Sung Jang and Han-Lim Choi Journal of Aerospace   Information Systems, May 2019, 16(5)
44 Room-Temperature   Graphene-Nanoribbon Tunneling Field-Effect Transistors Wan   Sik Hwang,    Pei Zhao, Sung Geun Kim, npj 2D Materials and   Applications, 2019, 43
45 Room Temperature   Bonding on Interface Between Metaland Ceramic Kyu-Bong Jang,   Sungwook Mhin, Sung-Chul Lim, Young-Sik Song, Keun-Hyo Lee, Soo-Keun Park,   Kyoung-Il Moon, Seung Hwan Lee   & Soong-Keun Hyun  Journal of Electronic   Materials 2019, 48, : 72–78
46 Role of axial mass   and strange axial form factor from various target nucleiin neutrino-nucleus   scattering K.   S. Kim, Ki-Seok Choi, Myung-Ki Cheoun, W. Y. So,   and Heejang Moon Phys.   Rev. C 2019, 100 :   034604 
47 Ridge Fuzzy   Regression Model Seung   Hoe Choi, Hye-Young Jung, Hyoshin Kim  International Journal   of Fuzzy Systems 2019, 21 : 2077–2090
48 Rheotaxis based   high-throughput motile sperm sorting device Bohyun Hwang, Dongkyu   Lee, Seung-Jun Hwang, Joong-Hwan Baek & Byungkyu Kim International Journal   of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing 2019, 20 : 1037–1045
49 Reshaping   transmission spectrum of long-wavelength infrared-transmitting chalcogenide   glass via doping of rare earth and/or transition metal ions Hyun Kim, Woo Hyung   Lee, Jun Ho Lee, Do Kyun Kwon, Yo Seung Song, Yong Gyu   Choi Ceramics   International 2019, 45(9) : 12010-12014
50 R&D Investment,   the Signaling Effect of Stock Dividends, and the Corporate value of R&D   Intensive Firms and Biotech Firms Namryoung Lee Academy of Accounting   and Financial Studies Journal, 2019, 23(4)
51 R&D Intensity and   Dividend Policy: Evidend from the South Korea's Biotech firms Namryoung Lee,   Jaehong Lee Sustainability 2019,   11(18) : 1-21 
52 R&D Accounting   Treatment, Firm Performance, and Market Value: With a Focus on Biotech Firms Namryoung Lee Journal of   International Studies, 2019, 12(2)
53 Pressure effect on NO   emission in methane/air lean-premixed flames Sungwoo Park Journal of Mechanical   Science and Technology 2019, 33 3031–3038
54 Preparation of   Al-TiO2 nanotubes and their photocatalytic avtivities Hyeran Lee, Deuk Yong   Lee,  Myung-Hyun Lee, Bae-Yeon Kim   & Yo-Seung Song  Journal of   Electroceramics 2019, 42 : 124–128
55 Prediction of remammg   useful life by data augmentation techniquebased on dynamic time warping Seokgoo Kim, Nam Ho   Kim, Joo-Ho Choi Mechanical Systems   and Signal Processing, February 2020, 136 : 106486
56 PLL-based electrical   balance CMOS integrated duplexer with hybrid transformer Yeong Seok Choi, Choon Sik Cho & Young-Jin Kim  Analog Integrated   Circuits and Signal Processing 2019, 99 : 669–677
57 Panel Misalignment   Effects on the Radiation Patternfrom a Solid Surface Deployable Antenna Seung-Joo Jo, Ji-Yong Lee, Seong-Sik Yoon, Taek-Kyung Lee, Jae Wook Lee Journal   of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science 2019 19(4) : 253-258
58 Origami-inspired   shape memory dual-matrix composite structures O-Hyun Kwon, Jin-Ho Roh Journal of   Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, September 2019, 30(17) :   2639-2647
59 Optimization of the   configuration of the laidback fan-shaped film cooling hole with a lateral   expansion angle of 10 degrees Hyun Jae Seo, Young   Jun Kang, Hyun Cheol Lee, Jae Su Kwak Applied Thermal   Engineering, May 2019, 153(5) : 379-389
60 Optimization of the   Coanda bump to improve the film cooling effectiveness of an inclined slot Jung Uk Choi, Gi Mun   Kim, Hyun Cheol Lee, Jae Su Kwak  International Journal   of Thermal Sciences 2019, 139 : 376-386
61 Optimization of   hybrid tandem metal active gas welding using Gaussian process regression Dae Young Lee, Leifur   Leifsson, Jin-Young Kim, Seung Hwan Lee Science   and Technology of Welding and Joining 2019, 25(3) : 208-217
62 Optimal Design of a   Spar Cross-Section for Fabric-Covered Wind Turbine Blades Dong-Guk Choi, Soo-Yong Lee, Jin-Ho Roh & Jae-Sung Bae  International Journal   of Aeronautical and Space Sciences 2019, 21 : 647–656
63 On the opposing   effects of methanol and ethanol addition on PAH and soot formation in   ethylene counterflow diffusion flames Fuwu Yan, Lei Xu, Yu   Wang, Sungwoo Park Combustion and Flame,   April 2019,  202 : 228-242
64 Numerical Modeling of   Pulsed Plasma Thruster Performancewith Teflon Ablation and Ionization Min Gyoung Cho & Hong-Gye Sung International Journal   of Aeronautical and Space Sciences,    February 2019, 20, :415–422
65 Newly Proposed   Duty-generator-less PassiveDown-conversion Mixer Jin-Yong Kim, Young-Jin Kim, Joon-Hwan Han,   Jung-Ho Shin, Choon Sik Cho JOURNAL OF   SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE 2019, 19(4) : 426-433
66 New combined analysis   of elastic and charge exchange KN(KN) scattering in the Regge realm Byung-Geel Yu and   Kook-Jin Kong Phys. Rev. C,   December 2019 100 : 065206
67 Narrative texts-based   anomaly detection using accident report documents: The case of chemical   process safety Bomi Song, Yongyoon   Suh Journal of Loss   Prevention in the Process Industries, January 2019, 57 :  47-54
68 Multi-layer frame   rate up-conversion using trilateral filtering for multi-view video Yoonmo Yang, Jin   Hyung Hong, Byung Tae Oh  IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems   for Video Technology 2019, 29(2)
69 Moving Object   Detection Based on Optical Flow Estimation and a Gaussian Mixture Model for   Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Jaechan Cho,,Yongchul   Jung, Dong-Sun Kim, Seongjoo Lee and Yunho Jung Sensors 2019, 19(14)   : 3217
70 Most frequent mode   for intra-mode codingin video coding Yong Uk Yoon,   Do-Hyeon Park, Jae-Gon Kim,   Jinho Lee Electronics Letters,   2019, 55(4) : 188
71 Monarch Butterfly   Optimization for Facility Layout Design Based on a Single Loop Material   Handling Path Minhee Kim and Junjae Chae  Mathematics 2019,   7(2) : 154
72 Modeling the   electrical resistivity of polymer composites with segregated structures Sung-Hoon Park,  Jinyoung Hwang, Gyeong-Su Park Nature   Communications, June 2019, 10 : 2537
73 Modeling of a   Microscale Surface Using NURBS Technique Jeongki Jang and Kyungmok Kim  Coatings 2019, 9(12)   : 775
74 Mechanical and   Electrical Reliability Analysis of Flexible Si Complementary   Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Seungyoon Kim,   Cheolgyu Kim, Jae Hoon Bong, Wan Sik Hwang, Taek-Soo Kim, Jae Sub Oh, Byung Jin Cho J Nanosci   Nanotechnol. 2019 Oct, 19(10) : 6473-6480
75 Mass Properties   Estimation of a Satellite Simulator Based on the Integration Method Jung-Hyung Lee,   Hun-Jo Lee, Jun-Yong Lee, Hwa-Suk Oh Int. J. Mech. Eng.   Robot. Res.  May 2019, 8(3)
76 Literature Review on   Fretting Wear and Contact Mechanics of Tribological Coatings Lifeng Ma,  Kilho Eom, Jean Geringer, Tea-Sung Jun and Kyungmok Kim Coatings 2019, 9(8) :   501
77 Kink suppression and   high reliability of asymmetric dual-channel poly-Si thin-film transistors for   high-voltage bias stress Jonghyun PARK, Munghun Shin IEICE Transactions on   Electronics E, January 2019, 102.C(1) : 95-98
78 Investigation on the   effectiveness of silane-based field level surfacetreatments of aluminum   substrates for on-aircraft bonded repairs Sang Yoon Park,Won Jong Choi International Journal   of Adhesion and Adhesives, December 2019, 95 : 102414
79 Investigation of the   Ductile Cutting Behavior of Monocrystalline Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia During   Ultra-Precision Orthogonal Cutting Hae-Sung   Yoon, Suk Bum Kwon, Aditya Nagaraj & Sangkee   Mi International Journal   of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing 2019, 20 : 1475–1484
80 Investigating the   Effects of Airport Servicescape onAirport Users’ Behavioral Intentions: A   Case Study ofIncheon International Airport Terminal 2 (T2) Jin-Woo   Park, Young Kyung Ryu Sustainability 2019,   11(15) : 4171
81 Investigating the   Effect of Experience in an Airport on Pleasure, Satisfaction, and Airport   Image: A Case Study on Incheon International Airport Young Kyung Ryu, Jin-Woo Park Sustainability 2019,   11(17) : 4616
82 Influence of   Self-Heating Effect on Interface Trap Generation in Highly Flexible   Single-Crystalline Si Nanomembrane Transistors Jae Hoon Bong,   Seung-Yoon Kim, Chan Bae Jeong, Ki Soo Chang, Wansik   Hwang  Journal   of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2019, 19(10) :  6481-6486(6)
83 Infinite Horizon   Optimal Output Feedback Control for?Linear Systems with?State Equality   Constraints Jihyoung Cha,   Seungeun Kang & Sangho Ko International Journal   of Aeronautical and Space Sciences 2019, 20 : 483–492
84 In Situ Photoelectron   Spectroscopy Study on the Buffer Role of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes against   Thermal Degradation in Organic Conducting Composite Films with PEDOT:PSS Dong-Jin Yun,   Sung-Hoon Park, Jinyoung Hwang J. Phys. Chem. C   2019, 123(4) :  2238–2247
85 IMU Sensor-Based Hand   Gesture Recognition for Human Machine Interfaces Minwoo Kim, Jaechan   Cho,Seongjoo Lee and Yunho Jung Sensors 2019, 19(18)   : 3827
86 Implicit User Trust   Modeling Based on User Attributes and Behavior in Online Social Networks Jebran Khan, Sungchang Lee IEEE Access 2019,   7,  1-1
87 IGZO TFT Gate Driver   Circuit with Improved Output Pulse Jin-Ho Kim, Jongsu   Oh, Jongsu Oh, Kee Chan Park, Jae-Hong Jeon IEEE Journal of the   Electron Devices Society 2019, 7 : 1-1
88 Identifying   convergence fields and technologies for industrial safety: LDA-based network   analysis Bomi   Song, Yongyoon Suh Technological   Forecasting and Social Change 2019, 138 : 115-126
89 Hybrid Rocket   Underwater Propulsion: A Preliminary Assessment Heejang   Moon, Seongjoo Han, Youngjun You and Minchan   Kwon  Aerospace 2019, 6(3)   : 28
90 Highly transparent   and conductive oxide-metal-oxide electrodes optimized at the percolation   thickness of AgOx for transparent silicon thin-film solar cells Hyunjin Jo, Jo-Hwa   Yang, Soo-Won Choi, Jaeho Park, Eun Jin Song, Myunhun   Shin Solar Energy   Materials and Solar Cells 2019, 202 : 110131
91 High-efficiency   white-light solar window using waveguide glass plate Ganghoo Lee, Myunhun Shin, Gi Yong Lee, Hyungduk   Ko Energy and Buildings,   November 2019, 202 : 109341
92 HEAT TRANSFER   COEFFICIENT AND FILM COOLING EFFECTIVENESS ON THE PARTIAL CAVITY TIP OF A GAS   TURBINE BLADE< Jin Young Jeong,   Woobin Kim, Jae Su Kwak, Jung   Shin Park J. Turbomach. Jul   2019, 141(7): 071007 (9 pages)
93 Hardware   Implementation of KLT Tracker for Real-time Intruder Detection and Tracking   using On-board Camera Taehyeong Nam, Seho   Kim, Dongwon Jung International Journal   of Aeronautical and Space Sciences 2019, 20 : 300–314
94 H2 High Pressure   Annealed Y-Doped ZrO2 Gate Dielectric With an EOT of 0.57 nm for Ge MOSFETs Tae In Lee, Manh   Cuong Nguyen, Hyun Jun Ahn, Min Ju Kim, Eui Joong Shin, Wan   Sik Hwang IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE   LETTERS 2019,  40(9)
95 Gravity and rheotaxis   based sperm sorting device employing a cam-actuated pipette mechanism Hyeongseok Kang,   Taeyoung An, Dongkyu Lee, andByungkyu Kim  Rev. Sci. Instrum. 2019, 90(8) : 0844101
96 Further signatures to   support the tetraquark mixing frameworkfor the two light-meson nonets Hungchong Kim, K. S. Kim, Myung-Ki Cheoun, Daisuke   Jido PHYSICAL REVIEW D   2019, 99 : 014005
97 Fuel Quantity   Estimation of Aircraft Supplementary Tank UsingMarkov Chain Monte Carlo   Method Jaewook Lee, Bonggyun   Kim, Junmo Yang, Sangchul Lee International Journal   of Aeronautical and Space Sciences, 2019,    20 : 1047–1054
98 Flow visualization of   cryogenic spray from a movable pintle injector Keonwoong Lee,   Dongsoo Shin, Min Son, Heejang Moon & Jaye Koo Journal of   Visualization, 2019,  22 : 773–781
99 Features of ω   photoproduction off proton target at backward angles:Role of nucleon Reggeon   in u-channel with parton contributions Byung geel Yu, Kook Jin Kong PHYSICAL REVIEW D   2019, 99 : 014031
100 Features of ω   photoproduction off nucleon target at forward angles : Dominance of π   exchange with Regge cuts and scaling of differential cross sections Byung-Geel   Yu, Tae Keun Choi and Kook-Jin Kong Journal of Physics G   Nuclear and Particle Physics, May 2019, 46(7) 
101 Fault detection and   diagnosis algorithms for transient state of an open-cycle liquid rocket   engine using nonlinear Kalman filter methods Jihyoung Cha, Sangho Ko, Soon-Young Park, Eunhwan   Jeong Acta Astronautica,   October 2019, 163, Pt A, :  147-156
102 Fast single   individual haplotyping method using GPGPU Chae Na, Inbok Lee, Je-Keun Rhee, Soo-Yong   Shin Computers in Biology   and Medicine October 2019, 113 : 103421
103 ezswap: Enhanced   Compressed Swap Scheme for Mobile Devices Jongseok Kim, Cheolgi Kim, Euiseong Seo IEEE Access 2019, 7 :   139678-139691
104 External Financing,   R&D Intensity, and Firm Value in Biotechnology Companies Namryoung Lee, Jaehong Lee Sustainability 2019,   11(15) : 4141
105 Extending the   coverage area of regional ionosphere maps using a support vector machine   algorithm Mingyu Kim and Jeongrae Kim Ann. Geophys 2019, 37   : 77–87
106 Experimental   optimization of a fan-shaped film cooling hole with 30 degrees-injection   angle and 6-hole length-to-diameter ratio Sang Hyeon Park,   Young Jun Kang, Hyun JaeSeo, Jae Su Kwak, Young Seok Kang International Journal   of Heat and Mass Transfer 2019 , 44 : 118652
107 Experimental   investigation of paraffin/aluminum blended fuels on aluminum particle size Seongjoo Han & Heejang Moon Journal of Mechanical   Science and Technology 2019,  33 :   3011–3018
108 Enhanced   Photocatalytic Degradation of 2-ButanoneUsing Hybrid Nanostructures of   Gallium Oxide andReduced Graphene Oxide UnderUltraviolet-C Irradiation Hyun   Jeong Bae ,Tae Hee Yoo, Seungdu Kim, Wonhyeok Choi, Yo Seung Song, Do-Kyun   Kwon, Byung Jin Cho and Wan   Sik Hwang Catalysts 2019, 9(5)   : 449
109 Enhanced   Photocatalytic Activity of Electrospun β-Ga2O3 Nanofibers via In-situ Si   Doping Using Tetraethyl Orthosilicate Tae Hee Yoo, Heejoong   Ryou, In Gyu Lee, Byung Jin   Cho and Wan Sik Hwang Catalysts 2019, 9(12)  :1005
110 Effect of ZrO2   interfacial layer on forming ferroelectric HfxZryOz on Si substrate Sang Jae Lee,  Min Ju Kim, Tae Yoon Lee, Tae In Lee,  Jae Hoon Bong, Sung Won Shin, Seong Ho   Kim,  Wan Sik Hwang, and  Byung Jin Cho AIP Advances 2019,   9(12) : 125020 
111 Effect of the   Freeze-Thaw on the Suspension Stability and Thermal Conductivity of   EG/Water-Based Al2O3 Nanofluids Tae Jong Choi , Seok Pil Jang , Dae Soo Jung, Hyung   Mi Lim, Young Man Byeon, and Im Joo Choi Journal of   Nanomaterials 2019, (4) : 1-8
112 Effect of Fluoride   Ions on Wet Etching of Copper/Molybdenum in Hydrogen Peroxide Solutio Kim, Jeong-Hyeon,   Bae, Jin-Won, Park, Jae-Young, Im, Myeong-Sik, Kim, Byoung-O,  Seo, Jong-Hyun  Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology   2019, 19(3) : 1714-1719(6)
113 Effect of calcination   temperature on photocatalytic activities of Er-TiO2 nanotubes Yo-Seung   Song ,  Deuk   Yong Lee,  Myung-Hyun Lee ,  Bae-Yeon Kim  Journal of Ceramic   Processing Research 2019, 20(2) : 182-186(5)
114 Effect of a Zn   Interlayer on the Adhesion Strength and CorrosionResistance of Zn?Mg Coated   TRIP Steel MyeonGyu Song, HoeKun   Kim, SangYul Lee ISIJ International,   59(6) : 1113-1118
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